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Equipment Training Program

The Equipment Training program provides companies a valuable opportunity to explore applications in various types of advanced processing equipment related to nano-synthesis and microwave processing.  Participants will also learn how energy-cost effective processing methods can be implemented into their own businesses without the costly upfront purchase of equipment.

The program was developed through a grant provided by the USDA, Rural Business Enterprise Grant program and offered reimbursed fees for training. The grant period has concluded, however the Equipment Training Program is still available to interested companies. While, we are no longer able to offer classes at no cost, credit for training course fees will be considered for companies entering into research contracts with the following initial equipment training completion.

Training session lengths are dependant on the type of equipment training desired and whether one or more equipment types are requested. Companies are welcome to provide their own sample material to use during training.

Courses cover Safety Procedures, Uses and Advantages, Process Methodology and Operations Procedures.  A Certificate of Training will be provided to each individual upon completion of training. Please click equipment links below for more information and to visit our video channel on youtube.com:


The Innovation Center () is a flexible synthesis and processing center. This unique research center encourages and supports market driven collaborations between universities, industry and private labs.  The is an enabler of technology transfer for nano-materials science and microwave processing technology. We can provide synthesis capabilities for nano-structured materials development from carbon nano-tubes to high-purity phosphors for next generation lighting materials.   Our products also include a family of rare earth doped phosphors, SOFC materials, and microwave processing support peripherals.

Please contact us to take advantage of the benefits of learning about a particular equipment and how it can be implemented to improve your processes. 

For additional information and to schedule training, please contact John Matteson, Technical Manager at 607-587-8057 or by email.

This is an Equal Opportunity Program.  Discrimination is prohibited by Federal Law. Complaints ofDiscrimination may be filed with the USDA, Director; Office of Civil Rights, Washington, D.C. 20250





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